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Famille rose bottle with hundreds of deer pattern

Famille rose bottle with hundreds of deer pattern

Made in Qianlong Years of Qing Dynasty, 45cm high, and its abdominal diameter is 35.2cm, it is allocated from Nanjing Museum, and now it’s collected by China Ceramic Museum.

Features:  Straight mouth, bulging belly, round foot. The whole body was enameled with white glaze, and painted the mountain, rock and jungles, as well as the deer are with different forms, they are running, jumping, laying or drinking. Its shoulders was decorated with a pair of dragon ears and enameled with ochre color, as well as its double ears were used gold to sketch its outline. This kind of jar began to appear in Kangxi years, and prevailed in Qianlong years, it is always called “zun”. In the bottom, there printed six words in blue and white seal script, that is, “Made in Qianlong Years of Qing Dynasty”, this is a representative work in famille rose porcelain of Jingdezhen in Qing Dynasty.


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