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Golden glaze gourd shaped bottle with famille rose lotus pattern

Golden glaze gourd shaped bottle with famille rose lotus patternMade in Qianlong Years of Qing Dynasty, 22cm high, and the lower abdominal diameter is 13.7cm, it is allocated from Nanjing Museum, and now it’s collected by China Ceramic Museum.

Features: Lip mouth, constricted waist, horizontal foot, the whole body appears gourd shape. Its waist was painted a circle of blue-color fret. The whole body was enameled golden color. The top part was painted famille rose flowers pattern, among them there painted bats, 卍(the heart of Buddha) and peach pattern. Near the bottom, there printed a circle of metabolic upturned lotus pattern, its color is bright with a dense and beautiful composition. The bottom was enameled with green glaze, and printed red-colored stamp what are “Made in Qianlong Years of Qing Dynasty” in seal script.


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