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Everything you should know about Yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain

  The Yuan dynasty (1271–1368) was a transitional age in the development of Chinese porcelain. As the Mongols invaded from the north, many potters fled south, contributing to the expansion of southern kilns. During this period, Jingdezhen (景德鎮) in Jiangxi Province became the center of porcelain production for the entire empire. Most representative of Yuan dynasty porcelain are the underglaze blue and underglaze red wares, whose designs painted beneath the glaze in cobalt blue or copper red, replaced the more sedate monochromes of the Song dynasty. Underglaze blue was to become one of the most representative types of decoration for Chinese porcelain, better known as blue-and-white (qinghua, 青花). At the same time, from the standpoint of the shape of the objects, Yuan dynasty porcelains became thick, heavy, and characterized by large size, transforming the refinement of Song dynasty shapes.

Blue and white porcelain is decorated with the blue pigment, usually from cobalt oxide, on shaped clean, white clay that is covered by a layer of transparent glaze and baked in a kiln at high temperatures. Producing of blue and white porcelain was found beginning in the Tang dynasty (618-907) , but it was not until the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) that the art reached perfection. In the early 14th century, mass production of delicate and transparent blue and white porcelain started at Jingdezhen, usually called the “porcelain capital” of China.   Blue and white (qinghua, 青花) porcelain was first mass produced under the Yuan dynasty (1279–1368). Baked at a high temperature, porcelain is characterized by the purity of its kaolin clay body. Potters of the subsequent Ming dynasty (1368–1644)perfected these blue and white wares so that they soon came to represent the virtuosity of the Chinese potter. Jingdezhen (景德鎮), in Jiangxi Province, became the center of a porcelain industry that not only produced vast quantities of imperial wares, but also exported products as far afield as Turkey. While styles of decorative motif and vessel shape changed with the ascension to the throne of each new Ming emperor, the quality of Ming blue and whites are indisputably superior to that of any other time period. The true development of blue and white porcelain in China started in the first half of the 14th century, when it progressively replaced the century-long tradition of bluish-white porcelain, or Qingbai. The main center of production was in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.    

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Everything you should know about Yuan dynasty  blue and white porcelain
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Everything you should know about Yuan dynasty  blue and white porcelain
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