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Egg white glaze folded waist bowl

Egg white glaze folded waist bowl

Made in Yuan Dynasty, it is allocated from The Palace Museum and now collected by China Ceramic Museum.

    Features: The mouth turns outward slightly, its nape gradually adducts and the waist bents with little round foot, the inner place of foot is unglazed with a nail, the foot is thick, and the inner side and the middle of bowl printed with entangled lotus branch, as well as the outer space has a raised line design. The whole body enameled with egg white glaze, and bluish color floats in white which is opaque. Because such bowl was specially fired by Privy Council which was the top military authority in Yuan Dynasty in Jingdezhen, those products are symmetrically printed with two words “枢府”or “太禧”,so well call them Shufu Porcelain, this is the earliest Official Kiln Porcelain in Jingdezhen.


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