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  • Blue and white porcelain from the Tsing Ma Su material scattered halo characteristics of origin

    The blue and white porcelain is China's ancient porcelain for the world's most representative varieties of blue and white porcelain was founded in the Tang Dynasty, but its development is mature with the peak in the yuan and Ming Dynasties, in addition to enhance the production process, and may also use the material from the Tsing Ma su. From the Tsing Ma Su is a blue and white porcelain to senior import records of green materials in Ming dynasty. "From the Tsing Ma Su" the call occurred mainly in the…

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  • APP: The Ceramics Gallery in the Pocket

    The iPhone application Ceramics Gallery in the Pocket (Chinese name: Gugong taoci guan) features all the exhibits in the Palace Museum’s Ceramics Gallery located in the Hall of Literary Brilliance (Wenhua dian).  All the pieces are chronologically organized by a timeline, which clearly presents users with period characteristics of Chinese ceramics, from the plain earthern pots of the remote antiquity to the sumptuously glazed vases of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). As the name of this application indicates, it is a mobile ceramics gallery you can put in your pocket. While in…

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