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Enamel colored Kwan-yin with lads

Enamel colored Kwan-yin with lads

Made in Zhengde years of Ming Dynasty, 20.3cm high, 10.2cm wide, it is unearthed from Jingdezhen Ceramic Gallery, and now it’s collected by China Ceramic Museum.

Features: Using traditional circular engraving technique to molding with plain tri-color decoration, which makes it seem tall and mellow, and the figure is plump. The face of Kwan-yin is very kind, her hands stack on her knees, and sits on the lotus blossom, the lucky boy stands on the left, and the dragon girl stands in both sides with putting the palms together. The figure is as vivid as though it were living.Enamel colored Kwan-yin with lads


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