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Posted By Peng ShouRong | china porcelain

Posted By Peng ShouRong

  • Four famous Buddhist mountains and four great Buddhas in China

    Jingdezhen porcelain is famous for its white porcelain. It is known as “white as jade, as bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, and sounds like a dragonfly”. It is full of varieties and has more than 3,000 names. The porcelain is excellent, the shape is light and the decoration is diverse. In terms of decoration, there are blue and white, glazed red, ancient color, pastel, fighting color, new color, underglaze multicolored, blue and white exquisite, etc., among which blue and white, pastel products are large, color glaze is famous. There are many…

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  • China Jingdezhen traditional four famous porcelain

    Jingdezhen porcelain has a beautiful shape, a wide variety, rich decoration and unique style. Porcelain “white as jade, bright as mirror, thin as paper, sound like a slap”, exquisite, pastel, blue and white, color glaze, collectively known as Jingdezhen four traditional porcelain. First,mitong OR Linglong Porcelain  Linglong Porcelain is carved on the porcelain body by a carving process, and many regular “exquisite eyes” are carved out. Then, after the glaze is burned, these holes are made into translucent bright holes, which are very beautiful and are referred to as “card glass”….

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  • Teacher of the Department of Ceramics, Academy of Fine Arts, Jingdezhen Ceramic University – Lu Xiaoni

    Lu Xiaoni       Born in Shanghai in April 1983, he graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University. He obtained a master’s degree in sculpture and ceramics from Jingdezhen Ceramic University and a master’s degree in art from West Virginia University. He is a member of the Jiangxi Artists Association and a lecturer at the Ceramic Art Institute of Jingdezhen Ceramic University. In 2012, he was appointed to teach at the Kyung Hee University of Korea. The first National Art Foundation student of contemporary…

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  • Blue and White Porcelain Collection in Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum China

    Blue-and-white plum vase with entangled peony pattern Yuan dynasty ,height 42.1cm, diameter of belly 24.2cm, first class culture relics.It was purchased from Fengcheng culture Gallery of Jiangxi Province,and it is collected by Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum.Features:Small mouth, slipped shoulder,bulging belly, the part below belly tapers gradually , unglazed foot. The whole body was painted with five-layer decoration from top to bottom. Its shoulder was covered with lotus with eight treasures pattern inside. The belly was decorated with peony scroll, and the lower part of belly was decorated with upward lotus…

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  • 上博幽蓝神采—元代青花瓷器大展(高清细节图)Shanghai museum exhibition in 2012:splendors in smalt- art of yuan blue and white porcelain


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  • Everything you should know about Yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain

      The Yuan dynasty (1271–1368) was a transitional age in the development of Chinese porcelain. As the Mongols invaded from the north, many potters fled south, contributing to the expansion of southern kilns. During this period, Jingdezhen (景德鎮) in Jiangxi Province became the center of porcelain production for the entire empire. Most representative of Yuan dynasty porcelain are the underglaze blue and underglaze red wares, whose designs painted beneath the glaze in cobalt blue or copper red, replaced the more sedate monochromes of the Song dynasty. Underglaze blue was to become…

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  • Curator Ma Weidu is a rich source on antiques

    There is no putting a price on Ma Weidu’s expertise, acquired longbefore much of the mainland woke up to the value of old things After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, appreciation for culture was a luxury that few people could afford. It was rare for people to be in a position to devote themselves to its study. Ma Weidu became an enthusiast, and eventually one of the mainland’s trailblazers in the field of antiques. Today, with the economy growing into the world’s second largest, Ma has seen…

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