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Blue-and-white plum vase with entangled peony pattern

Blue-and-white plum vase with entangled peony pattern


Yuan dynasty ,height 42.1cm, diameter of belly 24.2cm, first class culture relics.It was purchased from Fengcheng culture Gallery of Jiangxi Province,and it is collected by Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum.

    Features:Small mouth, slipped shoulder,bulging belly, the part below belly tapers gradually , unglazed foot. The whole body was painted with five-layer decoration from top to bottom. Its shoulder was covered with lotus with eight treasures pattern inside. The belly was decorated with peony scroll, and the lower part of belly was decorated with upward lotus petals. With many layers of patterns, it is full of deorations.The color of glaze is bluish white, and the color of pigment is lustrous with iron rust. The ware, with exquisite composition, is dignified and thick, and blue and white is rich and gaudy.It is a masterpiece of high quality among blue and white porcelain in the Yuan Dynasty.


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